Staff & Leadership

We have two campuses: Citizens Academy and Citizens Academy East. Meet our entire team of dedicated, smart, talented, wonderful, and hard-working faculty and staff!

Margie Hirschfeld, Model Leader Citizens Academies K-5

Margie Hirschfeld is the Model Leader for all Citizens Academies (K-5) within the growing Breakthrough Schools network. She previously worked at Citizens Academy as Literacy Coordinator and Director of Academics for 10 years.  Mrs. Hirschfeld has been an educator for over thirty years, and works with all our Citizens Academy Principals to ensure that every Citizens Academy is as great as this one.  Mrs. Hirschfeld holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan and a master’s degree from New York University.

Citizens Academy Leadership

Jennifer Taylor, Principal

Mrs. Jennifer Taylor has been the principal at Citizens Academy for 4 years. Before assuming this role, Mrs. Taylor taught students in all grade levels at CA and held the position of Special Education Director. Prior to coming to CA, Mrs. Taylor taught elementary school in Cincinnati, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan. She was the school administrator for a K-8 elementary school in Ann Arbor as well. Mrs. Taylor has a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University and a master’s degree from Wright State University. In her spare time, Mrs. Taylor enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, reading, traveling, quilting and playing with her dog, Domino.

Citizens Academy East Leadership

Alicia Levy, Citizens Academy East Principal

  • Former Citizens Academy Math Specialist
  •  Masters Degree in School Leadership
  • 2009 Ohio Charter School Teacher of the Year

Clarissa Grimes, Citizens Academy East Assistant Principal

  • Former Citizens Academy 4th Grade Teacher
  • Former 4th Grade Team Leader
  • Teach for America Corps Member

Citizens Academy Faculty & Staff

Name Position
Lauren Buccerie Kindergarten Teacher
Adam Severs Kindergarten Teacher
Megan Vokish Kindergarten Teacher
Erin Robinson 1st Grade Teacher
Rachel Nottingham 1st Grade Teacher
Sara Thomas 1st Grade Teacher
Lisa Gray 2nd Grade Teacher
Jennifer Frankenberry 2nd Grade Teacher
Ellen Rosebrough 2nd Grade Teacher
Carrie Barr 3rd Grade Teacher
Neha Mehra 3rd Grade Teacher
Carlisha Bias 3rd Grade Teacher
Lachelle Dixon-Harris 4th Grade Teacher
Jaclyn Chenoweth 4th Grade Teacher
Andrew Friebel 4th Grade Teacher
Jacqueline Narnor 5th Grade Teacher
Beth Crossen 5th Grade Teacher
Jessica Sullivan
5th Grade Teacher
Tawina Bizzell Instructional Assistant
Gwen Holt Instructional Assistant
Robyn King Instructional Assistant
Cheryl Shelton Instructional Assistant
Amber Seals
Damion Towns
Donnea Guffie
Instructional Assistant
Instructional Assistant
Instructional Assistant
Erin Kenny Art Teacher
Maureen Boucher Gym Teacher
Evelyn Kasserman 4/5 Math Specialist
Intervention Specialist
Tina Cottom Lit. Coordinator/Title 1 Reading
Chandra Johnson 1/2 Math Specialist
Andrew Ulrich Music Teacher
Mary Ann Tate Reading Specialist
Mary Pochedly Intervention Specialist
Lee Lundblad Academic Coordinator
Lisa Quick Assistant Principal
Keita Saad Before & After School Coordinator
Kelly Berg Community Relations & Enrollment
Margie Hirschfeld Model Leader
Wanda Stallworth Operations Model Leader
Deborah Dortch Food Service
Hector Almazan Custodial
Ashley Hill Assistant to Director of Academics
Staci McDaniel Director of Academics
Kim Peterlin Academic Coordinator
Kim Loyed Office Assistant
Nicole Tompkins Operations manager
Jennifer Taylor Principal
Tonyetta Miller Student & Family Coordinator

Citizens Academy East Faculty & Staff

  • Alicia Levy, Principal
  • Clarissa Grimes, Assistant Principal
  • Rick Powers, Director of Operations
  • Gala Copez-Reaves,  Office Manager
  • Vanessa Hagans, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Kathrine Huber, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Laura Hodge, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Ashley Kramer, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Amanda Siedlecki, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Kaylan Lemon, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Melissa Carnes, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Tiana Lackey, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Brittany Domanick, 2nd Grade Title
  • Erica Kovacs, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Sandra McDanels,  3rd Grade Teacher
  • Michael Spencer, 3rd Grader Title
  • Lisa Baranovich, Special Support
  • June Keggans, Music
  • Autumn Hines, Art
  • Joseph Beavers, Gym
  • Renee Rewalt, Academic Coordinator
  • Kim Peterlin, Academic Coordinator
  • Allen Pratt, Instructional Assistant
  • Priscilla Tate, Instructional Assistant
  • Keyana Williams, Instructional Assistant
  • Alexandria Berry, Instructional Assistant
  • Denise Redrick, Instructional Assistant

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